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ImageTrader Joes is a fabulous grocery store– high quality, low prices. Ever since moving to the UES, it’s been hard to do my grocery shopping there because of the commute and having to carry heavy bags. I decided to go down there yesterday and was happy to find that they do delivery to anywhere in Manhattan, with pricing based on your zone (or location within the city). I went in around 2-230, did a huge shopping trip and got the delivery time window of between 4-8. The pricing was a bit high for delivery, my zone was in the $16.95+tax zone, which given they don’t have a location closer up on the east side seems a little steep, but I was able to stock up on all of my favorite snacks, ice teas and hard cider which I usually dread carrying. The delivery came around 6 — right in the middle of the window. Overall, it’s a good service. They unfortunately can’t combine the delivery of the regular grocery store that sells food and beer with their wine store next door. Wish they could open up a store closer!


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